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    Get instant, long-lasting protection from the bitter cold with
    Heat Factory’s Battery Powered Hand Warmer Muff, available
    in both Black and Mossy Oak. You’ll get the portability you
    need, plus thawed, agile digits required for using your
    phone or for that split-second kill shot. Conspicuously
   thin, rechargeable 5V power bank sits inside the fleece-lined
   interior for optimal warmth without the weight. Super
   simple, LED push-button control lets you select your
   warmth level-up to an impressive 130 degrees.

Heat Factory took many traditional headwear designs and energized them by adding special pockets to hold Heat Factory Warmers. Each design is made to the highest quality standards and many are proudly made in the USA.

The Ragg Wool Gloves features retractable thumb and finger caps that provide you the flexibility to perform more delicate tasks. A pocket  is sewn into the top of the fold-over cap to hold warmers and keep focus areas warm.

             Gloves & Mittens

Heat Factory took many traditional accessory designs and energized them by adding special pockets to hold Heat Factory Warmers. Each design is made to the highest quality standards and many are proudly made in the USA.
Heat Factory Warmers are non-toxic and odorless-giving you realiable heat when you need them. Warmers are soft, lightweight pouches containing a biodegradeable mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt and verimiculite.
Heat Factory’s gloves with Pop Top Mittens makes frozen fingers a thing of the past. The fold-back mitten cap has a specially-designed pocket that holds Heat Factory air activated Hand Warmers over the fingers, providing additional warmth on the coldest days.
Mini Size Warmer
The Warmer That Goes Anywhere
The Mini Size Hand Warmer is a Heat Factory innovation that revolutionized the outdoor industry over 20 years ago. The light weight pouch contains a mixture of ingredients that, when exposed to air, create an oxidation process generating heat. The Mini Hand Warmer is our most popular size warmer and lasts 10+ hours. Mini Size Warmers can be used in gloves, pockets, headwear and any other place where soothing heat is desired.
Gloves & Mittens

Heat Factory designed heated gloves & mittens with the serious outdoorsman in mind. Each and every glove and mitten has specially designed pockets meant to hold Heat Factory hand warmers in place for quality heat.


Heat Factory’s Headwear is designed with pockets to hold warmers over the ears for ultimate comfort and warmth. From contour beanies, to helmet balaclavas, we offer a diverse choice of heated headwear for all of your cold activity needs.

Made In USA

Heat Factory’s fleece lined Hand Muffs are perfect for those looking to stay warm and have freed up hands. The enlarge front pocket is designed to house Heat Factory’s Large Warmer, providing 20+ hours of additional heat.

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Large Body Warmer
The “24 Hour” Warmer
Heat Factory’s Large Body Warmers are a perfect solution for healing sore muscles and aching joints through heat therapy solutions. Each warmer provides up to twenty-four hours of pain relief through consistent and natural heat. The Large Warmer can also be used in stadium cushions, sleeping bags and other Heat Factory accessories.
Stadium Cushions

Heat Factory’s Seater Heater is a heated seat cushion perfect for sitting in tree stands or on cold stadium seats. The cushion features a water resistant bottom and two pockets for Heat Factory’s Large Warmers, each providing 20+ hours of heat.

Hand Muffs

Heat Factory’s fleece lined Hand Muffs are perfect for those looking to stay warm and have freed up hands while enjoying the outdoors in cold weather. The enlarge front pocket is designed to house Heat Factory’s Large Warmer, providing 20+ hours of additional heat.

Sleeping Bags

Large Warmers can be used in sleeping bags while camping. Just open one up twenty minutes prior to going to bed and tuck into the bottom of your sleeping bag. You’ll be nice and toasty all night without the cost and burden of an extra blanket. How’s that for innovation?

Why Choose Heat Factory?


Continually focused on finding the latest technology in materials and electronics to keep you warm no matter your outdoor activity of choice.


Innovation is the link between research and design. For Heat Factory products, this means applying innovative materials into our warming products.


Our products are built from the customer up, with a focus on effectively solving the problems faced every day in cold environments.


With production both in the US and internationally, we are experts in the manufacturing process of consumer process.

Keep Your Feet Warm
Three Solutions For Your Feet
Heat Factory separates itself from the competition in many ways. One of the biggest ways is through the sheer amount of foot warming options offered. Not only does Heat Factory offer single use warmers for use in footwear, it also features quality socks and orthotic footbeds that hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Heat Factory’s footwear options are designed with one goal in mind- keeping your feet warm.
Foot Warmer Module
Foot Warmer Refill

Heat Factory Foot Warmers are designed for use in environments with restricted air-flow such as a shoe or a boot. Just pop one into our specially designed heated sock or heated footbeds for 6+ hours of warmth on cold-weather days.

Toe Warmers

Heat Factory’s Toe Warmers are designed to activate in restricted air-environments like shoes or boots. The half moon shaped warmer has a thin layer of adhesive that comfortably holds the warmer under the toes outside of the socks. Toe Warmers generate 6+ hours of heat.

Insole Warmer

Heat Factory’s Footwarmer Insoles are thin, air-activated warmers that are designed to fit over the sock in almost any shoe or boot. They are formulated to provide 8+ hours of gentle heat in air-restricted environments, such as a shoe or a boot.

About Heat Factory

Heat Factory Is Much More Than Just A Warmer Brand

Heat Factory is the oldest and most recognized warmer brand in the outdoor industry. We offer top-notch product selections, sales programs, merchandising solutions and unsurpassed quality. Heat Factory’s warmer technology, warmer accessories, and manufacturing standards are unmatched. We embrace progress and are continually improving product performance and dealer support. Established in 1980 the Heat Factory brand has kept its focus on quality and is proud to offer so of the highest quality products designed for the outdoor enthusiast and general consumer. Heat Factory strives to increase brand recognition through consistent packaging and branding, as well as through manufacturing the most reliable warmers in the market.

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Heat Factory is always searching for enthusiastic brand ambassadors to be the face of our company and promote our products and services as they see fit. Our existing team of brand ambassadors organically showcases our product collection through their hobbies, activities and passions.  If you are a lover of the outdoors and enjoy communicating with customers both online and offline, please reach out to us. 

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