Heated Insoles

Heat Factory Logo Heat Factory Heated Insoles last for 6 to 8 hours. Footbeds have a cavity under the toes to hold a Heat Factory Foot Warmer. Foot Warmers also fit into our patented pocket socks. The Foot Warmer Insole Warmer adheres to the bottom of the sock, covering most of the surface area under the foot.
Heated Insole
Heated Flat Footbed

The cavity under the toes is designed to hold Heat Factory Footwarmers. Specially designed air channels on the bottom of the footbed increase air flow to the Footwarmer.
Heated Orthodic
Heated Orthodic Footbed
Our orthodic footbed has a patented cavity to hold the footwarmer under the toes. The molded footbed design provides support as well as warmth. Air channels on the bottom feed the warmers oxygen.

Heated Inserts
Insole Warmers 10 Pair

Insole Warmers generate heat for up to 7 hours and adhere to the bottom of your sock.Perfect for hunting boots, snowboard boots or wading boots. No more frozen toes!
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Heated Sock
Heated Slipper Socks

A tube sock with special pockets for Heat Factory warmers. (85% acrylic & 15% nylon) Each pair of Slipper Socks includes 1 pair of Heat Factory Mini Warmers.

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