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Heat Factory Hand warmer

Heat Factory Hand warmer
Heat Factory Hand warmer
Heat Factory Hand warmer
1. Open outer package & remove the warmer
2. Place warmers in pockets
3. Enjoy the HEAT... It’s that Simple!

Heat Factory Hand warmer
Air activated warmers are lightweight pouches contain a mixture of ingredients that, when exposed to air, create an oxidation process generating heat. Click here to learn more..

Heat Factory Hand warmer
Heat Factory is often asked why we don't just make one warmer for both the hands Heat Factory Hand warmerand feet. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Each product presents its own unique opportunities and challenges. Items designed for the feet must be comfortable, easy to use, work in a restricted air environment.

Handwarmers placed in a shoe or boot with restricted air will likely not generate enough heat to satisfy the user's needs. Heat Factory Heat Factory Hand warmerhas developed the Footwarmer to work in a shoe or boot with restricted air. This warmer provides the warmth and convenience to provide all day warmth in most shoes, boots and waders. Everything one needs to provide warmth and comfort.

Heat Factory Hand warmer
The Heat Factory Mini Warmer is a Heat Factory innovation that revolutionized the U.S. warmer industry over 20 years ago. The Mini Warmers are our most popular size warmers and last 10 hours. They can be used in gloves, pockets, Heat Factory Headwear, and any place where soothing heat is desired.

Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ Character Warmers are designed with kids in mind. Bright graphics and creative animal characterizations stimulate a child's imagination and curiosity plus the warmers keep them warm and comfortable on cold, blustery days. The inner warmer pads are the same high quality warmers as our Mini Warmers that generate up to 10 hours of continuous heat.

Heat Factory Large Warmers generate heat for up to 20+ hours. All Heat Factory warmers are non-toxic, safe, and odorless. Large Warmers can be used in pockets, stadium cushions, sleeping bags, and many other Heat Factory accessories.

HandiHeat® Adhesive Body Warmers provide therapeutic relief right where you need it! Simply remove the adhesive backing, place between layers of clothing, and feel your muscles relax and your pain diminish. HandiHeat® Adhesive Body Warmers are also excellent for stress relief as well as relief of the pain associated with feminine cramping. Our product was designed to stick to clothing, thus minimizing the irritation many people experience when using direct-to-skin adhesive products.

.Heat Factory Hand warmer
Heat Factory Footwarmers are designed for use in restricted air such as a shoe or boot. Heat Factory has specially designed Footbeds and socks that utilize the Footwarmers. Each Footwarmer generates up to 6 hours
of heat when used in restricted air.

Heat Factory separates ourselves from the competition in many ways. One of the biggest is by the sheer amount of foot warming options that we offer - far more than anyone else in the industry! Not only does Heat Factory offer single use warmers for use in footwear, it also features quality socks and orthodic footbeds which accept Heat Factory Footwarmers.

Heat Factory Footwarmer Insoles are thin, air-activated warmers that are designed to fit in almost any shoe or boot. They are formulated to provide gentle heat in an air restricted environment, such as a shoe or boot and are not intended for use in open air. Used as directed, they will provide you with up to 6 hours of soothing warmth beneath your feet.

Heat Factory Toe Warmers are designed to activate in a restricted air environment such as a shoe or boot. The half moon shaped Toe Warmer has a thin adhesive layer that comfortably holds the Toe Warmer under the toes outside the socks.
The Toe Warmers generate heat for up to 6 hours.

Heat Factory Hand warmerHeat Factory Hand warmer
Heat Factory began selling warmers in the Fall of 1980. Some of our first customers were outdoor enthusiasts at a local southern California swap meet. The first warmers were bulky, expensive, and inefficient but the concept of air-activated heat pads was a revolutionary idea that has since become an outdoorsman's essential item. Heat Factory continuously tests all its products to insure our stores and end users receive only the best quality products on the market today. Our quality remains unmatched!

Heat Factory Hand warmer
If the heating time is not complete, all Heat Factory Warmers may be saved by placing them in an airtight container. The remaining time can be used later (preferably within one week). For example: A 12 hour Glove Size Warmer can be used for 6 hours one day, stored in an airtight container, then used for approximately 6 hours another day within the week. Zip lock bags with the excess air squeezed out work the best.